Number Stories

Counting, Numerals and Words (number words to ten) (counting to 10/ number words) (numbers to 5) (counting 1-10) (counting to 10) (ordering to 10) (ordering smallest to biggest)

Number Patterns (count by 2’s) (count by 5’s) (count by 10’s) (counting by 10’s)

Counting On/ Number Facts (count on, up to 30) (counting on, up to 60) (counting sequences) (next highest number) (ordering numbers) (higher/lower numbers)

Making 10 (making 10) (making 10)

Doubles (doubles) (doubles 10s) (doubles) (doubles/ sharing)

Place Value (place value) (place value) (place value) (place value) (place value) (100 chart)

Ordinal Numbers (ordinal numbers)

Addition (addition to 10) (addition to 20) (adding 9)

Subtraction (subtraction, under 10) (subtraction, under 10) (subtraction, under 20)

Addition and Subtraction (addition and subtraction) (addition and subtraction)

Location Rosie's Walk



2D Shapes: (2D shapes) (sort rectangles) (sort triangles)

3D Shapes: (3D shapes)

Half and Quarter (shapes, 1/2 and 1/4)

Measurement, Chance and Data

Length: (measurement- tallest to shortest)

Time: (analogue and digital time) ( o’clock and half past, analogue) (o'clock times, analogue) Whats the time Mr wolf?

Capacity: (capacity)

Data: (data)

Multiplication (sharing)

All Dimensions: