Alphablocks Watch videos about the letters and the sounds they make.

Get Smart English 1 - Copacabana Public School
These pages contain links to suitable activities to support & enhance classroom teaching & learning.
Starfall - for learning about letters, word families and books.

Literacy Online Stories (croc) (bath) (colour) (gingerbread man) (interactive stories)

Letters and Sounds Games (alphabet) (sounds: capital letters) (matching capitals and lower case) (initial sounds) Digby Mole (end sounds) Digby Mole
Alphabet Match - Match the picture to the letter it starts with
Alphabet Goop Match the word to the first sound

Word Games (wordmaker) (wordmaker 2) (alphabetical order)

Rhyming words (rhyming words) Digby Mole (rhyming words) (rhyming words)

Sentence Games (full stops) (capital letters) (making sense) (making sense) (making sense) ( finish the sentence)

Word Families

ay words Read a poem about ay words.